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A $50 shipping and handling fee will be added to your final order.

By submitting samples to Reveal, the Client agrees to the services and associated fees outlined in the Estimate. Reveal provides advanced tissue technology services to its clients in accordance with the Estimate accepted. Our trained scientists use Reveal’s standard procedures and prevailing industry standards to perform the requested services. Our goal is to provide high quality, technically valid results that meet client expectations. Even with our best efforts, we cannot guarantee that study results will turn out as expected. Due care will be taken to troubleshoot issues for each study. The services agreed upon represent our time and supplies to perform the study rather than specific results.Reveal will make best efforts to complete studies within the estimated delivery time.

Reveal will communicate any delays with the client as soon as possible. If you have a specific deadline for your study, please communicate this with your study coordinator at this time. Rush services are available for an additional fee. Although estimated turnaround times are provided on each Estimate, Reveal cannot guarantee a specific completion date for any study. Estimated turnaround time begins once all reagents and samples have been received at Reveal.

Pathology Revealed

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