Secret Speakeasy Spots in San Diego

In San Diego for a conference? Sometimes you need to find a place to whisper to collaborators your clandestine field-changing ideas and plan your undercover breakthrough experiments. Other times, you just need some history-laden libations so you can shout “Eureka” or celebrate a great conference talk.

Either way, we want to help. We specialize in revealing new scientific insights through computational histopathology, but we also wanted to share our favorite secret speakeasy spots in San Diego. Check out the yelp reviews for secret passwords or ways to get in – enjoy!

Noble Experiment (777 G St)

Planning your next breakthrough experiment? Make sure it is Nobel quality. Peak behind the secret beer-keg door and slide into this cozy and ornate spot.

Prohibition (548 5th Avenue)

Sometime that key piece of evidence is hard to spot – until you do and have that new discovery. Find the unassuming plain door wedged between two establishments and walk down a set of narrow steps into this jazzy speakeasy with a live band and 1920s styled bar.

Vin de Syrah (901 5th Avenue)

Does the pace of discovery and the race to publish ever make you feel like Alice in Wonderland? You’ll be right at home in this topsy-turvy wine speakeasy with upside down umbrellas decorating the ceiling and ivy on the walls.

False Idol (675 W Beech)

Whether you feel like your research project is trapped on a deserted island or you want to celebrate your big discovery in island paradise, libations are in order at this tiki speakeasy. Pay homage to the gods – of luck, funding, tenure, or anything else – and get ready for the occasional lightning and thunder.

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