Reveal Biosciences Creates A New Artificial Intelligence Approach to Spatial Genomics in Partnership with QuantumCyte

The partnership paves way for the integration of AI-driven spatial genomics with a unique cloud-based platform

(SAN DIEGO, Jan. 19, 2021) — Reveal Biosciences, Inc., a leader in AI digital Pathology Intelligence™, announced today its partnership with QuantumCyte, Inc. Through the partnership, the two companies aim to advance molecular pathology by using Reveal’s imageDx™ AI platform with Quantumcyte’s Next Generation microdissection technology.  Spatial genomics and digital pathology continue to advance at a rapid pace. This unique offering addresses a critical unmet need for advanced tools to expedite spatial data generation and visualization in order to provide an improved understanding of health and disease.

Reveal Biosciences’ AI digital pathology platform, imageDx™, is a powerful and easy to use SaaS cloud-based solution. Users upload images onto the imageDx™ platform for remote collaboration and large scale analysis. Data visualization capabilities allow users to view their quantitative data alongside the corresponding whole slide images. As a cloud-based workspace, imageDx™ enables secure user-to-user image and data collaboration, enhanced automated and manual annotations and sophisticated labelling ontologies.

To date, imageDx™ has delivered data to over 400 leading biopharmaceutical companies globally.  Through the partnership with QuantumCyte, imageDx™ expands its capabilities to support AI-driven spatial genomics workflows in an unprecedented way. 

CytoMask™, a scalable, cost effective, and automated system developed by Quantumcyte extracts molecular material directly from clinically relevant cells in order to deliver highly accurate results. Current methods of dissection include laser capture microdissection that can be slow and expensive, or manual microdissection that is imprecise, requiring scientists to manually “scrape” cells from a vaguely marked area of tissue on a slide leading to inconclusive results.  

This collaboration allows Regions of Interest (ROI) to be identified within each tissue section with high precision, either by applying an imageDx AI-based digital assay to automatically identify specific tissue features such as tumor cells, or by manual annotation at the cellular level on the imageDx platform.   Through Quantumcyte’s technology, the ROIs are then transferred to an ink-jet based mask that is printed directly on the slide.  Automated microdissection of these masked areas isolates specific tissue for sequencing leading to increased cellular purity.  This advance offers the ability to generate data with unprecedented scale due to its time and cost effective approach.  The integrated workflow allows for the correlation of high quality pathology data and sequencing data on a cellular level – a breakthrough in molecular pathology.  

About Reveal Biosciences

Reveal Biosciences has created a new generation of Pathology Intelligence™ to enhance research and improve patient outcomes globally.  Reveal’s imageDx™ SaaS pathology platform combines cutting edge artificial intelligence (AI) with traditional histopathology to transform tissue biology into actionable insights. imageDx™ provides AI data analytics and cloud-based whole slide image management to Life Sciences and Healthcare.

Reveal has its own fully automated laboratory and experienced scientists, providing histopathology, immunohistochemistry (IHC) and in situ hybridization (ISH) expertise for a wide range of pharmaceutical, biotech, academic, and government institutions. With a world class team of data and research scientists focused on addressing some of the biggest problems in healthcare, Reveal has developed a pipeline of AI-based digital assays for preclinical research, clinical trials, and decision support. 

Reveal Biosciences is Headquartered in San Diego, California, and currently serves clients across the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, & the Asia Pacific.

Contact us at [email protected]

About Quantumcyte

Quantumcyte is a life science technology company building automated Next Generation Microdissection systems to spatially prepare tissue and biological samples enabling large scale translational research projects improving patient outcome. The company’s automated solutions leverage AI image analysis to spatially extract molecular information fully compatible with existing validated molecular workflows. Quantumcyte’s products are being rapidly adopted by researchers and clinicians around the world including several top global translational research and medical institutions.

Quantumcyte is a privately held startup founded in 2012. The company headquarters are located in Sunnyvale, California.

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