Pre-Clinical Efficacy Models for Immuno-Oncology Studies in Humanized Mice

Reveal Biosciences attended Biocom’s recent CRO seminar on Pre-Clinical Efficacy Models for Immuno-Oncology Studies in Humanized Mice. Pharmatest Services and Taconic Biosciences hosted this informative seminar where they presented on humanized immune system models for immunotherapies and on humanized mouse models of bone metastasis.

Paul Volden, Associate Director of External Collaboration and Innovation at Taconic Biosciences, discussed how mice with humanized immune systems are a novel best-in-class model for studying the interactions of the immune system with new immunotherapies. Tiina Kähkönen, Research Director at Pharmatest Services, described how the location of a PDX tumor impacts immune and therapeutic responses. Bone metastases are common during cancer disease progression so studying osteoncologic therapeutic response is best done on a model where the tumor is located in the bone. Utilizing humanized immune system mouse models can reduce the risk of human clinical trial failure later by revealing unanticipated immune system interactions early on.

Reveal Biosciences has extensive experience with humanized immune system mouse models and provides comprehensive tissue-to-whole slide image services and quantitative image analysis and interpretation. Our expert team offers a broad range of quantitative immunohistochemistry and multiplex immunofluorescent services with established protocols for over 250 different biomarkers to accommodate any research project. We are especially experienced with a variety of commonly-used immuno-oncology markers, such as CD3, CD4, CD8, CD11b, CD11c, CD45, CD68, FOXP3, and more. Our deep learning-based pathology platform, ImageDx, provides cell-by-cell data from tissue sections including staining intensity, proximity, colocalization and a wide range of additional parameters depending on your study requirements.

With deep expertise in immuno-oncology and state-of-the-art AI-based data analysis, Reveal Biosciences can uncover previously hidden insights into mechanisms, therapeutic efficacy, and patient stratification. 

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