Poster – Analysis of a NASH Mouse Model Using Artificial Intelligence

In a unique collaboration between multiple companies, Reveal has applied deep learning-based models to validate a diet-induced mouse NASH model that can be utilized in directed research studies for therapeutic drug development. Along with the white paper summarizing the mouse model validation, we prepared a poster to be presented at the Experimental Biology 2020 Annual Meeting. EB2020 was cancelled this year due to the pandemic; however, the e-poster is available for download below:

Quantitative Histopathological Analysis of a Diet-Induced NASH Mouse Model Using Artificial Intelligence

You can also download the full white paper PDF here:

Validation of an Off-the-Shelf, Diet-Induced NASH Mouse Model using Digital Whole Slide Scanning of Liver Tissue and Artificial Intelligence-Enabled, Quantitative Histopathological Analysis

Please contact us to apply these methods to your project.

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