CellCarta Launches Advanced AI-Powered Spatial Biology Data for Clinical Trials

LAKE FOREST, CA, March 1st, 2022 – CellCarta, a global provider of precision medicine services, announced today the launch of imageDx PRISM to significantly advance the spatial biology data achievable from Akoya Bioscience’s ® multiplex immunofluorescence (mIF) assays. Spatial biology has emerged as a powerful approach to patient stratification and therapy guidance in the field of immuno-oncology. imageDx PRISM from Reveal Biosciences applies the latest advances in AI to novel pattern discovery and spatial biomarker characterization, revealing new patient insights that were previously challenging to discover.

Technologies provided by Akoya allow the simultaneous detection of multiple protein biomarkers on the same tissue section, enabling the identification of different immune cell subsets, their activation or exhaustion state, and spatial distribution in the tumor microenvironment (TME). This complex information is gaining increasing importance in clinical trials where pharmaceutical companies seek to attain the maximum insight possible from limited patient samples.

“The level of data acquired using Akoya’s assays is immense, but it is always challenging to fully quantify and interrogate these large data sets,” said Dr. Christopher Kerfoot, Sr. VP and General Manager at CellCarta. “We now offer the ability to explore the spatial biology of clinical samples in enhanced detail using the power of AI to discover novel biomarker distribution patterns that may relate to patient outcome.”

We are excited to apply imageDx PRISM to the high quality mIF data sets generated by CellCarta,” said Dr. Claire Weston, CEO of Reveal Biosciences. “This partnership now allows the latest advances in AI for spatial biology to be clinically validated and deployed globally for clinical trials within CellCarta facilities.

To learn more about about CellCarta’s AI-powered spatial biology services, please contact Steven Wilkes, Scientific Business Director: [email protected]

About CellCarta

CellCarta is a leading provider of specialized precision medicine laboratory services to the biopharmaceutical industry. Leveraging its integrated analytical platforms in immunology, histopathology, proteomics and genomics, as well as related specimen collection and logistics
services, CellCarta supports the entire drug development cycle, from discovery to late-stage clinical trials. The company operates globally with 10 facilities located in Canada, USA, Belgium, Australia, and China.

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About Reveal Biosciences

Reveal Biosciences has created a new generation of Pathology Intelligence™ to enhance research and improve patient outcomes globally. Reveal’s imageDx™ pathology platform provides AI data analytics and cloud-based whole slide image management to Life Sciences and Healthcare. With a world class team of data and research scientists focused on addressing some of the biggest problems in healthcare, Reveal has developed a pipeline of AI-based digital assays for preclinical research, clinical trials, and diagnostics. Reveal Biosciences is part of the global CellCarta family.

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