Athena VLOG: Blueprint for Success

Meet our CEO, Dr. Claire Weston, chatting with Holly Smithson, CEO of Athena in their October Blueprint for Success video blog.


Mission: To empower progress together by advancing professional women in STEM.

About Athena:

Athena is empowering progress together by advancing women in the STEM fields. 

Athena’s Southern California member community accesses executive leadership forums, educational and mentoring programs and cross-sector networking that propel job performance and career development. Our 20-year impact on advancing women in one of the nation’s leading STEM hubs positions Athena as a premier women’s empowerment advocate. 

Founded in 1998, Athena members hold positions of senior executive, entrepreneur, and in academia from all sectors of STEM: life sciences, technology, healthcare, defense, engineering, as well as the associated service providers.

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