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AI-powered multiplex immunofluorescence data and CellCarta expertise for Akoya® & Ultivue®

Spatial biology is a powerful approach to patient stratification and therapy guidance in the field of immuno-oncology. imageDx PRISM from Reveal Biosciences applies the latest advances in AI to novel pattern discovery and spatial biomarker characterization, revealing new patient data insights.


Three tiers of multiplex immunofluorescence DATA:

Tier I: Quantitative cell-by-cell data
Tier II: Microenvironment & spatial data analysis
Tier III: AI pattern discovery & predictive models

Multiplex Immunofluorescence Data Outputs


Quantitative Cell-by-Cell Data

Quantitative Cell-by-Cell Multiplex Immunofluorescence Data

Quantitative cell-by-cell data reported across the entire image including percent positivity & colocalization.

Microenvironment & Spatial Data Analysis

Spatial Data Analysis for Multiplex Immunofluorescence

Multi-cell microenvironment & spatial data analysis includes cluster analysis, proximity data for predefined markers, and distance to tumor-stroma interface.

AI Pattern Discovery & Predictive Models

AI Pattern Discovery for Multiplex Immunofluorescence Data

Custom AI models developed using graph neural networks to interrogate pattern formation and/or predict patient outcomes.

CellCarta Multiplex Immunofluorescence Expertise

Multiplex immunofluorescence is performed at the CellCarta specialized CAP/CLIA laboratory at Lake Forest, CA (formerly Mosaic Laboratories)

Akoya Opal® Chemistry

Motif PD-1/PD-L1 Panel – CD8+CD68+FoxP3+PD-1+PD-L1+ PanCK

Other Available Panels Include – GrB+NKp46+IFNg+CD8GrB+PanCK+CD3+Ki67+CD8

Custom Assay Development Available

Akoya Opal Chemistry Multiplex Immunofluorescence Powered by CellCarta

Ultivue® multiplex Panels

FixVUE panels – Choose from pre-configured 4- and 8-plex panels:

  • Immuno8 panel – CD3+CD4+CD8+CD68+FoxP3+PD-1+PD-L1+CK/SOX10+Nuclear counterstain
  • PD-L1 panel – CD8+CD68+PD-L1+PanCK/SOX10+Nuclear counterstain
  • T-reg panel – CD4+CD8+ FoxP3+PanCK/SOX10+Nuclear counterstain
  • MDSC panel – CD11b+CD14+CD15+HLA-DR+Nuclear counterstain
  • PD-1 panel – CD3+CD45RO+PD-1+PanCK/SOX10+Nuclear counterstain
  • T-act panel – CD3+Granzyme B+Ki67+PanCK/SOX10+Nuclear counterstain
  • APC panel – CD11c+CD20+CD68/CD163+MHC Class II+Nuclear counterstain

FlexVUE panel – Start with the FixVUE Immuno8 panel (above) and substitute up to two markers from

  • Ki67, GrzB, CD45RO, HLA-DR, CD56, CD20, CD11C, CD163, CD206, CD14, CD15, CD11b, MHCII

U-VUE panel – Customize your 8-plex panel from a list of Ultivue marker options.

Ultivue FixVUE, FlexVUE, and U-Vue Mutiplex Immunofluorescence

Advanced Multiplex Immunofluorescence Powered By:

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