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Reveal Biosciences is creating a new generation of data powered pathology to enhance research and improve global healthcare. Reveal combines cutting edge artificial intelligence (AI) with traditional histopathology to transform tissue biology into actionable data. imageDx™, our data-powered pathology platform provides secure whole slide image management and AI-based image processing in the cloud. Our fully automated laboratory and experienced scientists also provide histopathology, immunohistochemistry (IHC) and in situ hybridization (ISH) expertise for a wide range of pharmaceutical, biotech, academic, and government institutions. With a world class team of data and research scientists focused on addressing some of the biggest problems in healthcare, Reveal is developing a pipeline of AI-based digital assays for preclinical research, clinical trials, and decision support.

A: Example of IHC-stained sample (top, brown). B: Corresponding mask over the same section of tissue identifying positive cells (bottom, red) and negative cells (bottom, blue) used for quantification.

imageDx™: IHC generates data by performing automated analysis of IHC-stained whole slide images. Each image is first assessed for quality using an automated image quality control including focus assessment and tissue artifact detection (folds, tears, slide debris, etc.). All out of-focus fields of view, tissue and staining artifacts are digitally excluded from the reported quantification. The analysis process includes AI-based identification of tissue, followed by cell segmentation and then classification of biomarker-positive and negative cells for measurement of biomarker expression. These identified regions are then measured for precise positivity. The standard data outputs are listed below.

Tissue Feature


Positive Cell


Area (mm2)

Percentage (%)

Stain Intensity

Mean intensity value of positive cells

Positive Cell Density

Positive Cells / Tissue Area Analyzed (cells/mm2)

Negative Cell


Area (mm2)

Tissue Area Analyzed


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