Antibody Optimization

Expertise to support high quality immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence antibody optimization to generate reliable quantitative pathology data for preclinical research and clinical trials.

Expert study planning and antibody selection support.

Extensive in-house mouse, rat, and human control tissue bank.

Instant access to whole slide images from optimization.

Optimization report with detailed staining protocol.

Antibody Optimization Packages

Reveal has successfully optimized over 300+  commercially-available and novel antibodies over the last year. Our experts review relevant literature to determine the best tissue controls and conditions to start your optimization.

Single-Tissue: Optimization of a commercially-available antibody on one known-positive control tissue

Two-Tissue: Optimization of a commercially-available antibody on two tissue samples: a projected or known positive control tissue and a projected low/non-expressing tissue sample. This is primarily relevant to treatment-dependent assays.

Optimize multiple antibody clones that target one marker. A Reveal scientist will determine which antibodies are the most suitable candidates for staining on your tissue.

Assess antibody specificity to the marker of interest using positive and negative cell pellet samples.

Antibody optimization to obtain optimal staining conditions that are specific to provided xenograft tumor tissue samples.

Antibody optimization using a custom/novel antibody that has few to no supporting references or literature for IHC/IF applications.

EXPERT Antibody Optimization Partners

Optimization Study Planning

Reveal’s team of scientists are experienced with antibody optimization for hundreds of unique markers on different tissue types and species. We support you at every step to understand your study goals, procure antibodies, select appropriate control tissues, and develop an optimized IHC/IF protocol designed based on your needs.

antibody optimization study planning

Review Optimization Outcomes

Whole slide images for tested conditions are made immediately available to you through our imageDx™ cloud-based pathology platform. Our scientists collaborate with you in real time to review your optimization results.

antibody optimization whole slide images

Detailed Optimization Report

Optimization results are summarized in a detailed report which includes information about control tissues & provided samples, antibodies & reagents used, staining protocol, representative snapshots, along with our scientists’ recommendations for optimized conditions and follow-up steps.

antibody optimization dilutions

The CellCarta Advantage

As part of CellCarta’s scientific network, Reveal connects you with CAP/CLIA accredited labs for a continuous workflow from early drug discovery to clinical validation for your antibody or panel of interest.

Start your antibody optimization project with Reveal and we’ll transfer the assay to one of your clinical labs when you’re ready.

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